Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scrap Booking Nightmare!

This weekend I'm off to a 'cousins weekend'. All the girls from my dad's side of the family are getting together which will be really fun. We've never done this and  some of us have only (really) kept up with each other through our parents. It will be fun to reconnect and establish our own relationships. 

As excited as I am about the weekend the realization of what this weekend means is truly setting in. I'm very aware that the baton is being passed to us. My dad's cousin, Gwenny, is now the eldest relative at 80 something, his cousin, Max, is #2 and then my lovely auntie Jan (my dad's sister) is next in line and she's in her late 70's. Finally, my dad who is 72 and then the next generation. Crazy to think how quickly time flies.

Anyway, with this weekend we've been asked to bring three things that will tell something about ourselves. One of those things is to be an heirloom so I'm taking my Nana's diary (I think). I have a few other things I could take but think this will be the best and will give everyone an idea of who Nana was. I am also going to take familyroom stuff and photos of my family which is where the scrap booking nightmare comes in.

Whilst looking for photos I've realised that all of my photos are on my computer ~ well most of them anyway. I've realised that my children have no photo albums to gaze through. Their story and pages of history are all filed neatly on my desktop. Not good! This is something I know I need to address. Will I ever become a scrap booker......NO! I love all the amazing albums passionate scrap bookers have and I secretly covet their ability, time spent and obvious passion. However I am generally left feeling like a crappy parent because my kids, as I said, are neatly filed in iphoto.....thank God for Apple!

I say all of this to kick myself in the backside. Albums are a necessity, kids need history, they need to see, they need to sit cuddled up on the couch and wander through pages of life and so do we. I do have my wedding album and a few others around the house that I have managed to put together and I do admit I love to look and remember.

This weekend I know I will be reminded of how important our family stories are. My aunt will come armed with every letter, picture, baptism certificate, etc., of our dear grandmother and grandfather. She will know the story from Scotland to Canada like the back of her hand, she will know the names of all our relatives and she will neatly sew together the fabric of who we are as FAMILY. I can't wait!

My daughter and I have decided that together, we will do our albums. We will bring expression to our journey so in years to come Korea to Canada will make sense and will be remembered.

Susan J Sohn

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The End of The Day!

Well friends it's not 11:07pm. The kids are well in bed and I have managed to squeak in an episode of Law and Order SUV plus the last half hour of American Idol. Yes, I love Idol! Can't wait for tomorrow (or next week, not sure when it's on) in the previews Simon said something to the effect of, "didn't like you then, don't like you now!" 

What kind of man is he? Amazing how he can throw his comments out. After hearing that I said to my husband, "I seriously wonder how many threats that man receives in a year." Amazing but I guess it boosts the ratings, heck I'm tuning in to see who he said it to.

What else can I report. Oh, I found my day interesting. I dropped kids at school at 8am, headed to Starbucks (yum and LOVE the drive through), then got petrol (or gas as they say in NA) and bought a car wash with the fuel. Ended up spending 30 minutes in the line up and wash which was slightly annoying. Came home, worked on web stuff, blog stuff, video stuff, blog radio stuff all the while playing insy, winsy spider, I spy and talking to a friend before she attended her grandmother's funeral. Had lunch, read a story, played some more, picked kids from school, dropped one home then took one to dance, chatted with mum's for 1.5 hours (that was fun, we had some good laughs, shared some stories....good mum time), met up with hubby and non-dancing children for Japanese because I hadn't organised any kind of dinner today (whoops....oh well, nice Japanese and close to home...score!), came home, helped with homework, prepared lunches for tomorrow with the exception of can't stand soggy sandwiches and neither could I as a child, loaded the dishwasher, changed a light bulb. Then I managed to get teeth brushed, everyone ready for bed, I prayed with them, called hubby to pray for them and then finally breathed a sigh of relief and checked my emails and facebook (of course)!

Oh yeah, in the midst of all of that I talked to my friend Jane (whom some of you will know from thefamilyroom) and we solved our problems plus the rest of the world. I also did two loads of laundry and painted my toe nails.

Gosh I love being a wife, mum, daughter, sister and friend in this world of technology and high speed. The mind boggles at what tomorrow will bring.

Must run now, have a few more web based issues I have to deal with before tomorrow morning when I get to do all of this, plus more (I'm sure) again.

Believe in everyone of you and would love to hear about your days.

Susan xo

Hello Friends

Well here I am creating this blog in the hopes that it will run alongside thefamilyroom ( I am attempting to link everything together and hopefully creating what I see in my head.  Being somewhat ~ okay totally technically challenged this is big for me. 

All I can say is get ready for things to come. If I'm able to pull all of this together then I will remain convinced that anyone can do it.

Take care be well and remember we can all make a difference, one step at a time.

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