Thursday, April 23, 2009

All in a Days Journey

Our days are filled with so much mystery that you just never know what one day will hold. Will today be the day you finally win the lottery? Will you make a new friend? Will today be the day you hear bad news?

When our alarm goes off, and our feet (finally) hit the floor we never truly know what the day will hold. We muster up the strength and find the desire to rise from our cosy nest of slumber and face another day with VIGOR, STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE. We do this because we never know what surprises today has in store for us.

For this reason I have decided to share (see bar to your left in red) about my day, what it has looked like, what I've accomplished, the challenges I've faced and all the in between.  I hope you enjoy these bursts of life that are usually contained in a handful of some complete and some very incomplete sentences ~ just another way of communicating the life of a mum on the move!

Enjoy friends and thanks for stopping by!
Susan xo

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