Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid Life Changes

Hey friends I hosted an amazing show today and would love you to listen ON DEMAND. 

The show was inspired by the courage of Susan Boyle (Britian's Got Talent see http://www.thefamilyroomaustralia.blogspot article April 16, 09 titled 'Go Susan Boyle'). I had two guests with me, Wendy Froberg, who at the age of 51 decided to throw the towel in on her exceptional career and practice that she had built up over decades (she was a well respected phycologist in Canada). My other guest was 72 year old, Isabel Taylor, who in her 60's wrote her first book and her second at 65.

Amazing stories of two women who have dared to be different and dared to live the dream. They stepped out mid-life and began to live the dream.

I would love you to listen to the show and allow yourself to be inspired by the lives of two extraordinary women in my world. Like Susan Boyle, they have decided to step on to the stage and allow their gifts to be shared and enjoyed.

To listen ON DEMAND simply go to: 

I can't wait to hear from you.

Susan J Sohn

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