Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom's on the Move!

hey friends today i interviewed a great guest (and now friend) on my morning online radio show. 

jump on and listen ON DEMAND as i talk to julie maloney founder of wiimommies. the conversation was great, the callers were interesting and the chat room (that you can no longer see) was pumping. people were loving listening to julie and her story. 

julie took control of her life when she discovered she had reached 220lbs (that's when she quit looking). julie did what any busy mom knows to do, she took what was in her hands (wiifit) and began her transformation. friends, if you want to be inspired to move, make a change in your own life then you MUST listen to this show.

the show was so good, julie and i are working out our schedules to do another show together and we're going to go a little 'deeper' and talk about SEX!!!!! to learn more about julie and what she's up to jump on momspective it's a super cute site with stax of stuff!
stay tuned because the conversation on 'coffee with susan and friends' just gets better and better.

have the best weekend everyone!


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